Lyrics: The Great Western Oligarchy

1 – Christoholic

Ain’t it just great
When the clergy reshapes
The values we live by today?

Progress or faith – Choose the latter
You’d better not deny
That their path is the way

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Lyrics: Slavery

1 – Crimson Sky


2 – Massive Life Effect

I have a disease, deep from my genetic
I have born so old that I can’t even figure all the stories told
I can’t feel the breeze, Time runs so frenetic
Ages flow through me like the winter wind that turns everything cold

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Lyrics: The Murder Diaries

1 – Kill or Die

Don´t know what is it but it´s on my mind
They come when i´m asleep from the deep inside
All my memories that I left behind
All my misery sowed by my hand

It´s time to kill one another
Now it´s time to kill or die

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Lyrics: War of the Voivods

1 – Raw War


2 – The Path Towards Glory

Warriors marching towards glory
Victory on the battlefield
Mighty banners stand proud
Horses galloping fast as the wind
The path towards glory

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Lyrics: Infernal Hangover… Wrecked In Space

1 – Hangover Side


2 – The Astrobastard (From Outer Space) 

D-day is here, I feel no fear;
I’m more famous than Jesus Christ.
Countdown ending, stocking some beers,
And three bottles of Jagermeist(er)!

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Lyrics: New wave of Power

1 – My Unrest

You can’t touch the wound which still bleeding.
Every night my unrest wakes me up

Another time I pray to fall with grace
This will be the last breathe that I could take

You rip up my entrails

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Lyrics: Evilution

1 – Beer Fight

Night! Self-State of pure bright
Alcohol clouding my sight
Damn, I’m drunk… All Right!!!
This is the condition that I like

What? What are seeing my eyes?
Beer panic surprise
You can’t avoid the fight

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Lyrics: Reset the World

1 – Prelude to Insanity (An Introspection)


2 – Self Image

Am I thin? Or am I fat?
Am I stupid? Yes, you are
Why do you have to be like the rest?
Live your life, begin a change

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Lyrics: Swords of Armageddon

1 – Ascend to Hell

See the bullets crossing fast
Feel the earth trembling down
Peer into the cold still water
Where life stand still
Frozen by the horror
Bear witness to an un-ending hell

Piercing my subconscious
Are the remnants od devastation
Cold calculated venom
Re-injects and infects
Relived combat situation

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Lyrics: Hellbringer

1 – Wicked Seed

You wake up startled by the noise of lightning
an impulse makes you get out of the bed
With the touch of a hand it´s hard to be guided
in the sanitarium

You run, heart racing
You run, heart pounding
trying to escape the dark prison
trying to escape eternal corridors

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